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Cororid Broad Spectrum Disinfectant 256

has been formulated for surface disinfection through floor mopping & fumigation at hospitals, laboratories, airports, hotels, restaurants, food processing facilities, etc.

It ensures protection against viruses, fungi, mycobacterium, gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria. Its quick-acting formula allows quick resumption of operations in spaces.

Its non-corrosive application ensures no damage to surfaces. It stays active at wide ranges of pH, even in the presence of organic matter.

Keeping every square feet of your space disinfected.

Complete Protection. Complete Peace of Mind.

Cororid Broad Spectrum Disinfectant 256
Time Required for Fumigation

Time Required for Fumigation:
Approximately 3-4 minutes for an area of 15 sq. mt.

Application Frequency

Application Frequency:
Once per day is sufficient for common premises like offices.

Cororid Broad Spectrum Disinfectant 256
is available in 2 pack sizes: