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Cororid Hand Sanitizers, Disinfectants & Wipes.
Because holistic hygiene matters!

While maintaining hand hygiene with Cororid Hand Sanitizer is definitely the first step towards keeping infections at bay, it is also important to keep sanitizing high-touch surfaces like door knobs or handles, computer keyboard, railings, elevator buttons, etc. to disinfect them – whether you are at home or office.

Cororid brings you a range of IPA-based sanitizing solutions – including Hand Sanitizers, Ready-To-Use Disinfectants (for high-touch surfaces), Broad Spectrum Disinfectants 256 (for floor mopping and fumigation in critical, high-traffic areas like hospitals, restaurants, malls, labs, airports, schools, colleges, etc.) & IPA-based Wipes.

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Making both indoors and outdoors safe.
Complete Protection. Complete Peace of Mind.