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Living germ-free and worry-free amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic...

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world badly – billions of people have got affected, millions have lost their lives, and months of lockdown has resulted in huge losses to economies, businesses and nations.

The threat continues to loom large, until each one of us gets vaccinated. Till then, our only defence against this deadly virus is – keeping our hands germ-free and wearing a mask.

Keeping your hands germ-free and your mind worry-free!

Till the time we are at home, washing your hands with soap and water is our best bet. But, with the lockdown restrictions gradually being relaxed, people have started stepping out – going to their work places, places of worship, some are even going out for weddings, parties vacations, et al.

Stepping out means exposing your hands to the virus and potentially falling victim to it. You need an on-the-go solution – an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% germ protection.

What exactly is a hand sanitizer?

A hand sanitiser is a liquid or gel-based hand rub solution that you can rub on your hands to kill the germs, without having to use soap or water. There are two types of hand sanitisers: alcoholic & non-alcoholic. According to several studies, alcohol based sanitisers are more effective in killing microbes.

Which hand sanitizer is the best?

Higher the percentage of alcohol, more potent the hand sanitiser is in killing germs. WHO recommends minimum 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Alcohol, used in sanitisers, is of two types – ethanol and isopropyl-alcohol. The most effedctive type of alcohol for hand sanitisers is IsoPropyl alcohol.

One such brand is Cororid, a pharma-grade hand rub sanitizer, fortified with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) – the globally preferred alcohol for sanitizer. Made from Virgin IPA with 99.8% purity as per World Health Organization’s recommended formulation, Cororid boasts of high potency sanitizing power to kill 99.9% germs, including the novel Coronavirus. It comes from the house of DFPCL, which is the largest manufacturer of isopropyl-alcohol in Asia. Click here to buy Cororid from Amazon now.

Benefits of using a hand sanitiser –

  1. It is cost-effective;
  2. It is portable and pocket-friendly – You can carry it wherever you go.
  3. No need for soap or water

Besides, you can also use it to clean some objects and surfaces to make them germ-free.

How to use a hand sanitizer?

There are numerous ways of applying sanitisers on your hands, but the simplest way is:

  • Pour a few drops of the sanitiser-gel on one of your palms
  • First, rub it on the front side of your palms.
  • Then, continue by rubbing it on the back side.
  • Do not forget to cover the areas between your fingers and thumbs.
  • Leave your hand free to let it dry.

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