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Ensure Complete Protection, Complete Peace of Mind
across every sq. ft. of your organisation.

Cororid® Disinfection Solutions provides a complete range of disinfection solutions, broad-spectrum, microbiologically tested and certified under one roof for keeping pathogens at bay.

Cororid® Disinfection Solutions are powered by Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) grade IPA – the world’s most preferred active ingredient in hand sanitizers and other disinfection products – that provides effective and reliable protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the Coronavirus.

Moreover, IPA is environment-friendly as per ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

Our product range includes Hand Sanitizers/Hand Rubs, Skin Antiseptics, Rapid Surface Disinfectants, Broad Spectrum Disinfectants (for floor mopping, spraying and fumigation application), Body Wipes, etc.

Cororid® Disinfection Solutions have been formulated for use across industries such as Healthcare, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Commercial, Education, Facility Management, etc.

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