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Wipe your infection related worries away!

By now, we all know that until the Coronavirus is completely eradicated from the world, it is important for each one of us to wear a mask and ensure hand hygiene with the use of a hand sanitizer. But, is that enough?

What we tend to overlook is the fact that it is equally important to clean the surfaces and areas around you. Consider a situation where an outsider –guests, home delivery boys, courier, security guard, sweeper – presses your doorbell or touches your door knob. Or your phone for that matter. According to a study, an average person picks up his phone around 170 times a day. Keeping your phone on harmful surfaces and picking it back up is a strong enough reason for coming in contact with Coronavirus.

While, it is not feasible to keep using surface disinfectants every time that happens. Also, using water (mixed with surface disinfectantsyou’re your smartphones and electrical appliances, such as door-bells, may be harmful.

Thankfully, there is a convenient way to ‘wipe’ all your infection worries away, literally! But, don’t just pick up any wipes, choose Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) based wipes. These wipes are suitable for cleaning smaller areas that are generally forgotten when cleaning with surface disinfectants and may also be used on skin to keep it clear of germs.

One such brand is Cororid IPA based Wipes that are fortified with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), the globally preferred alcohol for sanitizers, which ensures 99.9% protection against microbial bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also kills Coronavirus agents in 30 seconds as per DHS-S&T.

It is suitable for regular use on hands and multiple surfaces like doorknobs, railings, keys, mobiles, laptops, bike handles, spectacles, elevators, furniture, cars, public facilities. It can be used at home, while travelling, at a hotels, restaurants and offices

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